Racist violence against 15-year-old boy

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Aarschot – Belgium reacts shocked at a video showing a black 15-year-old boy is attacked by a white man and two white women. After an argument, the boy on the track being pushed, after which a fight ensues.

The 15-year-old boy by the 35-year-old man on the trail pushed. The man has now been arrested by the police.

The incident took place Sunday at the station of Aarschot. The video is put online by a friend of the mother of the victim and is in the Netherlands and Belgium, many shared through social media. So reports Nieuwsblad.

The man (35) and two women (31 and 43) screaming racist comments to the boy, while he quietly on the train is waiting. He initially remains calm, but if the argument, strikes, hits.

The man falls to the boy and pushes him to the track. When he’s on the platform, trying to scramble up, pushing the man back to him. In the fall he pulls the man into the track. There, he hits the man several times hard against his head. After a struggle the group by bystanders and taken apart.


The mayor of Aarschot is stunned. “This behaviour should not be impunity. Someone on the tracks push is criminal. This is extremely dangerous and unacceptable,” said the mayor.

The three adults have been arrested by the police. They were under the influence of alcohol and drugs. One of the women (31) is finally released.

The video is now by Facebook and removed the woman that the images posted online, is temporarily blocked.

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