Ozomatli builds a party in Paradiso, amsterdam

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Exactly 20 years ago, Ozomatli from Los Angeles, their self titled debut album. This mixes the band on catchy way hip-hop and rock with Latin-American sounds. Paradiso, In Amsterdam showed Ozomatli hear that the music still stands as a house.

A lot of people are probably in the course of the years, the band forgotten or have never heard them, because it was not busy at the Paradiso. The Great Hall was more than half filled. An advantage thereof is that all the space was for dancing. To stand still is impossible to Ozomatli. Because of the anniversary of the glorious debut album was on this tour as a guest rapper Chali 2na. He is especially known for the rapcrew Jurrassic 5, but took on the famous album. His distinctive raps with a deep voice and high pace fit very well with the music of Ozomatli.

To be honest, was the presentation on the stage was a bit stiff. The band consists of real musicians and a bit less from entertainers, but the swinging sounds to make everything right. For me, it was a long time back that I have the album from 1998 have turned (unfortunately, it is in the Netherlands not in Spotify), but many of the songs were all that time stuck in my head. Tracks like Como Ves, Chango and Cumbia de los Muertos in 2018 still strong and up to date. The space in the room was an advantage in the encore where the band between the audience went are jamming. A nice ending to the renewed acquaintance with the old heroes. Heroes that still have to have a party.

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