’October as deadline Brexitdeal unfeasible’

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LONDON – Britain and the European Union declare in public that they have a Brexitdeal want to close in the next seven weeks. Behind the scenes, to give senior employees on both sides, however, admit that this is very unlikely. They aim now to an agreement on the separation in the middle of november, say anonymous sources.

The longer it takes until both parties have reached an agreement and the closer to the date of the departure of Britain from the EU, the greater is the chance that on march 29, 2019 not agree. The European summit that starts on October 18, was long regarded as a deadline.

Reaching an agreement in the autumn is seen as necessary because there is still ample time for the British and European parliaments to agree to ratify it.

Michel Barnier, the negotiator on behalf of the EU, gave after a meeting with Dominic Raab, the Brexitminister for Great Britain, that he did not want to capture on October as deadline for the negotiations. He stressed, however, that not much later and there is “certainly before the end of the year,” an agreement must be.

Raab had at the end of August stated that he is confident that had London and Brussels in October, an agreement on the withdrawal reach. “If we have that ambition, professionalism and energy on both sides.” Both negotiators had announced their negotiations to intensify. “We will from now on ongoing negotiations,” said Barnier.

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