New on Canvas: Thank you was with us

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Thanks that you with us is a four-part series on 40 years of tv journalism on the occasion of 40 years Martine Tanghe as nieuwsanker.

What is there since 1978, when Martine started, has changed in the way the tv news to come. And what effect has that had on the news that the viewers get to see?

With testimonials from more than 30 journalists of the past and the present, complemented with striking archival images.

From Monday 3 september at 21.15 u. on Canvas.

“Thank that you with us.” With that familiar phrase close Martine Tanghe almost every day the journal. It is also the ideal title for a series of about 40 years of tv journalism in the us. 40, because Martine is in 2018, the same year nieuwsanker.

4 decades, 4 episodes, 4 big questions
Martine Tanghe has of the first row of four decades making and experiencing news see change. About which trends are going to Thank that you with us. The starting point are four big questions, neatly divided into four episodes. What we found at the end of the seventies, the news and what not, and how are the choices in those forty years? In what way does the moment the belgian technology, the reporting changed? Who makes the news and what expectations should and must nieuwsmakers answer? And finally, in the last episode: how are the election programmes on tv in those 40 years have evolved? And that is very true because Canvas sends the series off on the eve of the elections.

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