“Neil Young and Daryl Hannah are married’

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Actress Daryl Hannah and rock star Neil Young, according to sources in the south stepped up, and decided equal to two full ceremonies to keep for their family and friends.

Although it is not officially confirmed, it seems The Mirror to be sure that the Neil Young (72) and Daryl Hannah (57) last weekend with one another in marriage. The musician and the actress would be the yes-word in Atascadero, California in front of family and friends. Previously there’d been a ceremony have taken place on the San Juan islands.

Guitarist Mark Miller congratulated the couple on his Facebook page. “My congratulations go out to Daryl Hannah and Neil Young. That they have a long and happy marriage.” The post came to Miller on a scolding, after this by various newspapers was acquired. In a subsequent post, he stated further: “I knew of their marriage because a friend of mine at the ceremony was, and announced on his page. Interesting that another person (now ontvriend) me a liar called it out because of my message. Oops! Cya!”

Neil and Daryl have been since 2014 together, after the musician after 36 years from his wife Pegi separated. The actress posted a day after the ceremony, a picture of an owl with a cryptic message there on Instagram. “Someone watches over us….love and nothing but love.” It responded to many fans with gelukswensen to the newlywed couple.

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