’Naval battle’ to Normandy scallops

5a0164ecd25913dd81e056988692e6ff - ’Naval battle’ to Normandy scallops

LE HAVRE – Lingering British-French conflict over the fisheries on scallops in Normandy waters have led to a real sea battle. The Norman branch of the channel France 3 reported that French fishermen British colleagues have chased away by the British boats to sail. They attacked the ships with fireworks, stones and other objects.

British fishermen speak of life-threatening conditions and have the navy to the protection requested. An estimated forty French boats had Tuesday collected to the British fishermen to chase. According to the Norman fishermen commit them plundering on the shells.

The French government prohibits the fishermen this delicacy between 15 may and 1 October to catch. The British are not, however, that the fishing ban to be bound. The French colleagues demand that is there out of solidarity to keep and not on scallops fishing.

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