Musk shows itself again about diver Thai cave

3918a5ebf287c5a2bcaed844daa87b32 - Musk shows itself again about diver Thai cave

Elon Musk, ceo of Tesla, once again a remarkable tweet the world thrown in. He came in a message on Twitter back on the issue with the Thai football players for more than two weeks trapped in a flooded cave system, for which he had earlier this summer is still coming through the fabric had to go.

When the group of football players was stuck in the cave also offered Musk to help, but one of the rescue divers called it a pr stunt. The boss of the car manufacturer made the diver then for ‘pedo’ in a rant on Twitter. Musk has later apologized, and the tweets removed.

But Tuesday, he referred again to the matter. ‘Don’t you think it crazy that he never has been sued? He was free legal assistance offered’, tweette Musk in a reply to another Twittergebruiker.

Musk, meanwhile, has already the reputation of being a compulsive twitterer. A time ago caused also stir through to the microblogwebsite to announced that he was considering to Tesla the stock market to get. As a result, the American beurswaakhond SEC a study of Musk began. He might be guilty of fraud and market manipulation.

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