Maartje Van Neygen has 13-year-old foster son

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Striking message this week in the Story. The weekly writes that singer Maartje Van Neygen already a foster son of 13 years. For the daughter of Erik and Sanne was almost the last summer holiday best remarkable, with this teenage boy living in the house. One of her students, a 13-year-old boy was standing at the beginning of the previous school year for two years on the list of foster care. There was thus a foster home for him, searched. For the boy it was important that he stay at the boarding school, also the necessary variation. The young teacher introduced himself a candidate, took a number of courses of foster care and got it in march, that young fellow is assigned.
Mary had always known that she quickly mother would be. She had of course not expected that this would happen. It makes her quite happy, and gives the singer a fulfilled feeling. There is also a network where they can fall back on, namely foster care, the boarding house and her parents.

And there is still good news for Maartje Van Neygen and her fans! Mid-september brings they finally, after a long musical silence once again single. That new musical project will be for a lot of people a big surprise, let them record. We are looking forward already to!

(Nico Vanaken)

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