’Libyans let trapped migrants behind’

098e8f1f9fb3f50dbd1383285f4f12b2 - ’Libyans let trapped migrants behind’

TUNIS – Hundreds of imprisoned migrants in the Libyan capital of Tripoli by their guards to their fate. That happened after the fights in the neighborhood were broken. It is according to an anonymous aid worker to the detention center of Ain Zara, where an estimated four hundred migrants are stuck.

In the vicinity of the detention centre (photo) vomiting in the last days battles.

In the near vomiting the past few days, battles between rival combat groups. The staff of the detention centre has the legs taken. The prisoners sit there for days without food.

Libya is a chaos since dictator Muammar Kaddafi in 2011, was killed by insurgents by NATO were supported. Kaddafi was during his regime also, the boss on the current human trafficking through his country, from Africa to Europe. Since his fall, to interfere various clans and gangs themselves. The anarchy has a lot of smugglers and jihadists attracted, while the tribes and clans come to blows.

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