Johnny Depp wins in the court

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The actor claims that his former lawyer $ 30 million of him would have cashed in on, and wants that money back.

Johnny Depp had a legal victory in the lawsuit he filed against his former lawyer. The court confirmed that it was a verbal contract, which is not valid can be declared.

The actor began the lawsuit in October 2017, and suggested that his former lawyer, Jacob Bloom, a non professional would have acted, and that Bloom has 30 million dollars would have cashed in on the actor since 1999. Bloom filed a tegenaanklacht in, which he defended by saying that he has a contract with Depp. That contract is now void.

Depp now wants his money back, and so are the two parties around the table have gone for mediation in the conflict. Depp, in recent years, more often in the news for its legal struggles. The media reported extensively about the bitter divorce between the actor and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Also pitched Depp filed a lawsuit against his former managers at TMG.

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