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“It is only now what a visionary Michael Jackson actually was

Michael Jackson of today would be 60 years old. According to Christophe Lambert, in his 48th the ouderdomsdeken at youth radio station Studio Brussel, is evident over the years how big his influence is on contemporary music. ‘Michael Jackson is for the funk and the soul what The Beatles were to rock and pop music.’

“In his heydays in the 80s, when albums such as Bad and Thriller, lots of prizes won, was the youth not for his music,” says Studio Brussels-presenter, Christophe Lambrecht. “We thought that that was really jeanettenmuziek. It was definitely not cool to be listening to music. When people thought more in categories: you were either a punk, a new waver or a diskokikker.’

‘The walls between all those different genres are gone. So go my children no longer depend on the genre, but they find the music good or not good, point. Therefore, it was Michael Jackson, later, to the recognition that he deserves.’

The Beatles

“Because I used to be myself not a big fan of his last albums (which are more innovative sound, red.), it strikes me the last few years on what a visionary he really was. He did when all that artists such as Timbaland (producer of the Pussycat Dolls and Justin Timberlake, eds.). would later do. Michael Jackson is for the funk and the soul what The Beatles were to rock and pop music.’

‘The whole of his oeuvre sounds still incredibly good. There is no single album that faint or weak sounds, let alone dated.’

“If I have to dj at parties, I choose especially for contemporary music. You can smooth songs from Michael Jackson between running, without that restless. The younger audience will find his music is great. Those numbers are always well received.’

‘Therefore, are those numbers still weekly in the playlists of Studio Brussel. Some of the songs are on our own in the top ten or the top twenty of the most twisted, timeless artists. It even happens often that I have my program open with a number of Michael Jackson.’


“Here at home always have music on. I have such a long playlist on shuffle. If there are a number of Michael Jackson passes, then you feel that those numbers will stand out. Those numbers come on the personal playlists of my daughters of 13 and 16. When we got together to make a documentary about him looked, they were sitting with open mouth to watch live of one of his performances to watch. There is simply no one who comes near if it’s about performance.’

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