‘Internetsprookje” US ends up in legal wrangling

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MOUNT HOLLY – An action to collect money for a helpful homeless man, has ended in legal wrangling. The 35-year-old Johnny Bobbitt drag a set for the judge that over the internet more than 400,000 u.s. dollars (over 341.000 euros) for him, and shrugged, message the BBC. They would make money in his own pocket, have put.

Johnny Bobbitt

The homeless Bobbitt had last year, his last 20 dollars transferred to Kate McClure (28), whose car without petrol sitting. She thanked the helpful man by with her friend Mark D’amico (39) an action to begin via the internet. Which yielded considerably more than thought. Over 14,000 people made money on.

At the feelgoodverhaal has now come to an end. Lawyers of Bobbitt blame the bunch of the money to have used to a lifestyle fund where they would otherwise not have money for might have had”. Bobbitt lives now on the street. He has according to his lawyer may still be entitled to about 3 tonnes, message CNN.

D’amico said in an interview that Bobbitt in 13 days time, about $ 25,000 spent on drugs. He stressed the ,,absolute” access to want to give in how the money raised is spent. McClure said in an interview, is betrayed to feel. She asked terrified that she does her job loses due to the rel.

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