Indonesian girl (15) still not go to prison for abortion after rape

An Indonesian court has on appeal the conviction undone by a vijftienjarig girl, that, in the first instance to a prison sentence of six months had been because they had an abortion had to run. The girl was pregnant hit, after her oldest brother was raped.

In July had a court in the province of Jambi, on Sumatra island, the girl is condemned for the interruption of her pregnancy. That decision was sharply criticized by human rights organizations.

In appeal, the conviction Wednesday undone. “The abortion was carried out in an emergency. That is why she is acquitted of all allegations, ” in a communication of the court.

The girl was in a year eight times by her 18-year-old brother raped her. The brother was sentenced to a prison sentence of 2 years and 3 months.

In Indonesia abortion only under strict conditions allowed. Victims of rape can only during the first forty days of pregnancy an abortion is carried out.

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