Golden Erdogan still removed

b958274c2fc3178b952e90eb9bbbb1e9 - Golden Erdogan still removed

WIESBADEN – The municipal council of the German Wiesbaden has the gold image of the Turkish president Erdogan got away. The security around the image, part of an art manifestation, could not be guaranteed, let the city know.

Wednesday, just after midnight was the counterfeit Erdogan, therefore, by the fire brigade in the hoists taken and removed, as was on the photos in the German Bild.

The approximately four-metre-high statue was part of the art Wiesbaden Biennale. That manifestation, which is this years motto for the Bad News, is known for provoking.

The image of Erdogan was Monday night late set up Tuesday morning were the first reactions are already visible. To the front of the picture were, among others, with a spray the words “fuck you” written on them. Tuesday night were intense discussions in the image between supporters and opponents of the Turkish leader. The authorities decided initially to the end of the event on Sunday was allowed to stay.

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