Germany returns Namibian skulls return

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BERLIN – Germany has Namibia’s remains return of 27 people who were killed in the colonial period. Stolen body parts were brought from the African country to be used in so-called ’rassenonderzoeken’.

Germany made from 1884 to about 1915, the service in the “German-Southwest-Africa, today’s Namibia. During that colonial domination are tens of thousands of members of the Herero and Namavolken murdered. It is also called the first genocide of the twentieth century”. German institutions have, since 2011, several times parts of the body return.

A Namibian delegation traveled to Germany for looted remains, including nineteen skulls, to take receipt. “These skulls tell the story of the brutal, wicked colonial past and the oppression of the Namibian people”, said the Namibian mental Severity Gamxamub during a church service in Berlin. “They say: never again.”

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