German police under fire because of possible links with the extreme-right after the riots in Chemnitz

4d8a05f5723873d16ea15488065a9feb - German police under fire because of possible links with the extreme-right after the riots in Chemnitz

A leaked arrest warrant with the full name of the (Iraqi) killer of a 35-year-old native of the German Chemnitz would indicate links between the German police and the extreme right-wing protesters.

It’s been a few days highly restive in the German Chemnitz after a stabbing Sunday had resulted in the deaths of a 35-year-old resident of the city. Now it is on the internet a copy of an arrest warrant in the case surfaced. The link to the politiedocument with the full name of the prime suspect in the case – a 22-year-old Iraqi, was by the extreme right-wing shared on social media. Among others, Lutz Bachmann, founder of the anti-islambeweging Pegida, helped it spread.

Also the name of some of the witnesses and the judge responsible for the file, are mentioned in it. Furthermore, it remains to read how the perpetrator the victim with five knife wounds administer, with the assistance of another suspect, who is also a knife with him.

‘Big problem’

‘It must be clear that such matters to the police will not be tolerated’, said the vice-minister-president of the regional government of Saxony, Martin Dulig, on the leak. ‘Agents should not think that they are things may leak while they know that a crime was committed. We have a big problem, this is most reprehensible.’

The leak is, according to some, also a proof that there are close links between the German police and extreme-right movements such as Pegida. Last week was the sheriff’s department Dresden has to apologize after an extreme-right protester that a tv crew had attacked a police ofcers rely turned out to be.

The extent to which the police actually “infiltrated” by the extreme right, is unclear, but as a party, the Alternative für Deutschland in Saxony and Chemnitz on a fourth to a third of the votes can count, it’s not surprising that they are also a part of the agents on sympathy can count.

‘Violence on the basis of fake news’

About the motive of the perpetrators is nothing in the document, but the police took the edge off in the meantime already several times the rumors that the victim, a woman may want to protect against an assault. That theory would, however, with tempers stirred up. According to the Saxon minister-president Michael by kretschmer (CDU) was the violence in Chemnitz clearly inspired by xenophobic comments, false information and conspiracy theories – by fake news.

The extreme right-wing party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) and Pegida want on Saturday in a silent procession through Dresden to the victim of the stabbing and all the other victims of the forced multiculturalisering of Germany to commemorate.

The 35-year-old German was Sunday in the city centre of Chemnitz by knife wounds killed. An Iraqi and a Syrian are in pre-trial detention on suspicion of manslaughter.

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