Fossil of 184 million-year-old zoogdierachtige discovered

bec209dd430a25a05d1696dbe3499f85 - Fossil of 184 million-year-old zoogdierachtige discovered

Austin – In the United States is a 184-million year old fossil discovered. The remains originate from a female zoogdierachtig beast. In the discovery were also 38 descendants found. Presumably, all 38 offspring from the same litter.

In terms of voortplantingswijze seems to be the Kayentatherium wellesi, however, more on the reptiles, as we know it now: the animal lays eggs. In addition, had the Kayentatherium wellesi probably the size of a medium dog.

The American paleontologists Eva Hoffman and Timothy Rowe, writing in the journal Nature that the discovery of the 38 boy is special: it is not often that the newborn boy or zoogdierembryo’s is preserved. In addition, the number of offspring is remarkable: the mammals that we know, explain at most half of that number. In reptiles, a number of offspring around the 40 more common.

The Kayentatherium wellesi lived in the beginning of the Jurassic period (about 145,5 – 199.6 million years ago).

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