For the first time in 50 years: astronaut-in-training leaves Nasa

983b52d45b962f40f2b4a0973845bb8d - For the first time in 50 years: astronaut-in-training leaves Nasa

Robb Kulin keeps his training to be a astronaut in the Nasa itself for viewing. It is for the first time in 50 years that an aspiring astronaut to do that.

Robb Kulin already had the half of his two-year training program Johnson Space Center in Houston older now, but he will never finish: he loves it for looking at and leaving the American space agency Nasa. Remarkable, as it is for the first time in half a century that someone does.

According to spokesperson Brandi Dean leaves Kulin Nasa on Friday. Why did they not lost: ‘for personal reasons’ is the only thing communicated was. For more details, for privacy reasons, not revealed.

Kulin was one of the 12 astronauts who last year were chosen from more than 18.300 applications. Kulin has previously worked at SpaceX, and said at the time that he had ever hoped to be able to fly with a device he had designed.

The training that he had to follow, however, extremely heavy. According to the astronauts have to train in all disciplines, from diving to Russian language, from robotics to flight systems.

The last time that an astronaut in training left with Nasa was in 1968. According to Ars Technica got chemist John LLewellyn when, on when he realized that he was the control of jet aircraft is not fast enough under the knee got.

USA Today believes to know that Nasa is no replacement for Kulin will indicate. The other 11 candidates to follow the program still and the 39 active astronauts at Nasa in the service are all eligible for new missions.

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