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Fidor Bank warns of Bitcoin-Scam-sites

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The Fidor Bank, which is working with Bitcoin exchanges, warns of Fake Online stores. To sell fraudulent non-existent duck. The captured revenue is to be exchanged for the currencies of the fraudsters later on in Bitcoin and other Crypto.

According to a report from the Press room in the recourse to 4.4 million German citizens are already a victim of Fake Online stores. To sell fraudulent Goods and services that are never provided. According to the Brandenburg consumer, there should be about a Million of these Fake stores on the net – many with a German Domain.

Bitcoin to money laundering, suitable

The Scam is simple: consumers pay for Goods in advance and you never get delivered. In order to disguise the whereabouts of the money, convert a Scam is the ergaunerte money in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, as the news portal reported. The apparent anonymity it is now, by the fraudulent weighing incorrectly. Matthias Kröner, CEO of Fidor Bank, explains to the press portal:

“Basically, it is so that all users in – as, of course, in the case of Fidor Bank have to go through a full identification. “Money laundering” works in the end is only when a well-known (and real) Person would like to disguise the origin of the money, so as, for example, from black money washed, which means “to make clean” money, for example by means of the indication of false transactions, false purposes, or untrue senders, or fake invoices, etc. Unfortunately, the scammers are very creative, the possibilities are equally diverse”.

The Fidor, Kröner, have systems in place to analyze such behavior and discover help.

Fidor Bank based Fraud Task Force

In addition, it is the immutability of the Bitcoin Blockchain, which makes it quite possible that the money flows to understand. While Bitcoin has now the reputation to be anonymous, is the crypto-currency is actually just a pseudonym. Alternatives Monero or Dash, your character to anonymous Coins are here. As the report continues, have both as well as the Fidor Bank AG is in close contact and “an excellent relationship to the law-enforcement authorities”. So who is Fraudulent or Illegal, in the sense of, is advice on both as well as the Fidor Bank bad:

“When a seemingly normal customer open an account, the account access data to third parties or sell, it is a criminal Offence. Also, the Bank is then a victim of fraud, just as it is to the customer a fake shop. And: It is independent of the Medium be hard to recognize at the time of opening of the account through a “normal” customer of the fraudulent intent. This applies to accounts of the branch of a traditional Bank as well as for customer accounts, an Online Bank. The Fidor Bank AG supports the consumer Central in their fight against such machinations, and brings everyone to your known case for display. She has introduced a “Fraud Task Force” and a comprehensive safety concept, developed in order to detect fraudulent account openings and to deal with them.”

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