Europeans (especially the Germans) always want daylight saving time

45258f5b03b1c0f11ede7ecd29e67865 - Europeans (especially the Germans) always want daylight saving time

More than 80 percent of the 4.6 million Europeans who last summer participated in an online survey in the EU, want to get rid of the annual switchover between summer and winter time. That reports the German press agency dpa. On the question of whether they would rather have that it is always winter – or summer time remains, choose a majority of the participants for the summer time.

The European Commission launched the survey in early July, at the request of the European Parliament. A resolution to make an end to the half-yearly uurwijziging won in February, but a majority of the members of parliament insisted on an in-depth investigation by the Commission. The survey was a part of that. It is striking that especially the Germans, their voices were heard: of the 4.6 million participants came to more than 3 million from Germany.

The Commission has always stressed that the survey is not a referendum and that the result is just one element of the research. Scientific research will also play a role, as already stated, the competent European Commissioner Violeta Bulc already that this is not ambiguous. Opponents argue that the annual uurwisseling adverse consequences for the public health, safety, and economic sectors such as agriculture.

It comes to the European Commission to make a proposal. After that, the agreement of the member states and the European Parliament need for a new regime in the EU as a whole might go down.

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