EU citizen wants off of summer – and winter time

82f9a59e272ce3765cdb0f7818a2a1c7 - EU citizen wants off of summer - and winter time

BRUSSELS – most Europeans want to get rid of the system with summer and winter time. This is evident from a survey of 4.6 million Europeans, of which the results via the German media has been leaked. More than 80 percent of the respondents want a stripe is removed by the system in which the clock twice a year an hour is resistance.

The research was commissioned by the European Commission, the executive committee of the European Union. Most of the respondents come from Germany, but also 1,6 million inhabitants of other member states gave their views. The German newspaper Westfalenpost published as first on the results.

The survey, which according to the commission, it is explicitly not a vote or referendum, at the initiative of the European Parliament. That had insisted on further investigation of the benefits and drawbacks of the clock one hour forward at the end of march and back in October.

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