Ed Sheeran wants to have families

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Singer Ed Sheeran takes a break after the release of his new album Divide. In that time, he would like to start a family with his fiancee Cherry Seaborn.

After his very successful album, the Divide, of which millions of copies worldwide have been sold, Ed Sheeran a break. The singer wants to get involved with other projects than plates, among other things, the founding of a family with Cherry Seaborn, his fiancée, with whom he is secretly in marriage would be entered into. This reports the BBC.

“I will never stop making music, because that is my hobby and not work. It seems to me like a musical or a movie to make, one but. In addition to touring and music producing is hopefully also a family,” said Ed. “As my tour at the end of september last, I take with pleasure a year free. I am more than three years touring, and that is pretty crazy. I must really come off and other things to do.”

After the release of his second album which took the singer a long break to himself. He spent his time when, for more on travel, whitewater rafting, swimming with sharks and bungee jumping.

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