Dog sits 200 metres underneath the moving car and survives

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Bradford – In the British city of Bradford is a dog, but less than 200 metres, swept away by a moving car. Wonder of wonders, came the animal with minor injuries.

This is not the dog from the story.

When the owner of the dog accidentally the front door open had to leave, knew Winston the dog out of the house to slip and the street to run in. That writes Independent.

Note: the following video may be shocking to be experienced.

Bystanders declare that the dog about 200 metres before the car rolled. When the car drove away, hit boss Mick Dooling and his dog. The animal had blood on its mouth and legs, but the injuries fell allezins. Dooling: “A child, the event would not have survived.” In addition, says the Englishman: “I give the director not to blame that he is my dog aanreed, but he had to stop.”

According to the attending veterinarian has Winston the incident survived because it is a muscular dog. According to owner Dooling has the incident mentally had the biggest impact: “He is a gentle giant, plays a lot and is not aggressive. After the incident he runs a lot with his tail between the hind legs and he stays as close as possible near me.”

The police in West Yorkshire investigating the case.

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