Deaths in hospital in Japan during heat wave

6ad8d43628af7a05afb8125326e18d49 - Deaths in hospital in Japan during heat wave

TOKYO – The Japanese police have a raid done at a hospital where five patients died during a heat wave. That happened after the air conditioners in their rooms, the spirit had given the message, the newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

The five including a sprinkling or two died at the end of August in a time frame of three days. The mercury in the Gifu prefecture, tapped as 35 degrees. The police got in that time period a telephone call from an informer that was connected to the hospital. The caller warned that several patients had died, presumably as a result of the high temperatures in the building.

The director of the hospital says that the air conditioning is on two floors broke down during the heat wave. Repairers thought about a month the need to resolve the issues. Decided staff to get fans to put down on the rooms of patients.

The police are investigating whether the institution, were guilty of negligence by people in sweltering rooms to let. The director of the institution states that some patients have a preference for such warm areas.

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