Cate Blanchett: ‘How can a mother continue as her child in the fire is thrown out?’

The Australian actress and Oscarwinnares Cate Blanchett visited, as an ambassador for the vluchtelingenprogramma of the United Nations, a number of refugee camps of the Rohingya. ‘I forget the testimonies never more, ” said Blanchett.

Blanchett testified about her visit to the camps during a meeting of the UN Security council. “I heard testimonies of women who are raped were, about torture, about people who were murdered before the eyes of their loved ones.’ They could not of themselves release the people they met. “I am a mother, and I saw my own children in the eyes of all the children on the flight. I saw myself in the mothers. How can a mother continue as her child in the fire is thrown out?’, she wonders.

Blanchett praised the Bangladesh government, which in a few months time 700.000 refugees write. “That is one of the most significant gestures of humanity in our time.’ But according to the actress not enough. “There is more international support needed,” says the actress.


A year ago fled around 700,000 Rohingya away from Myanmar. In the final report of the United Nations researchers say the destruction and verkrachtingscampagne from 2017, in an attempt to genocide on the Rohingya.

They want that chief of staff Min Aung Hlaing and five other topgeneraals for that ‘genocidaire intentions’ answer to the International criminal Court in The Hague ofbij a special tribunal of the UN Security council.

The Rohingya are a moslimminderheid in the buddhist Myanmar. They live in the mountains isolated coastal province of Rakhine. In 1982 took on the military junta to give them the citizenship. Today the Rohingya in their homeland, no right to vote or freedom of movement.

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