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Cambodia: Fair rice by Blockchain application

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The global aid and development organization Oxfam has developed a Blockchain solution to help rice farmers in Cambodia to receive fairer wages. With the Initiative “Blockchain for Livelihoods from Organic Cambodian Rice” to the farmers, their rice track. Thus, to ensure that the farmers receive a certain percentage from the final price for their harvest.

The pilot project “Blockchain for Livelihoods from Organic Cambodian Rice”, also referred to as Blocrice called, focuses on the province of Preah Vihear in the North of the country. Mainly all of the contracts that farmers with traders, companies and sellers along the supply chain are to be digitized, using Blockchain technology, and saved. So for instance, the first traded price, the total trading volume and the final price will be saved and can be compared with each other.

In the pilot project, 50 farmers will attend, and will have the opportunity to track your harvest via this mechanism. Oxfam is hoping to help the farmers to empower themselves and to be able to independently in the future fairer terms and conditions for oneself to negotiate. As a means of negotiating on the Blockchain stored data are to serve.

Cambodia as a favourable location for Blockchain-adaptation

The experience shows that it is a new, disruptive technologies such as the Blockchain status, especially in countries with a low development rather easily. Since it is missing in many developing countries, grown and sustainable administrative structures, the adaptation of the Blockchain there is a fertile soil.

Also, in the case of Cambodia, this rule applies as a rule. So the farmers are suffering, in most cases, live in abject poverty. This also goes back to the exploitation and unfair payment by the industrial Nations. Often a lack of protection mechanisms on the part of the state are responsible for it.

“The mere fact that the actors on the Blockchain-a platform registered, it means that the people play a role. Blocrice will give you a platform, to strengthen themselves,“

so Solinn Lim, head of Oxfam in Cambodia.

Also Kunthy, head of the rice-exporter AmruRice, is enthusiastic about the project. So Blocrice could also help to promote the sales of Cambodian rice in the world. For the adaptation of the Blockchain in developing countries, this would certainly be no bad thing.

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