Bus driver was summarily dismissed for nazi tattoos

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Brussels – with A driver from the Brussels transport company MIVB is dismissed. Not because he is not well functioned, but because he was at a staff party is proud to have neo-nazi tattoos showed. On his arm is under more ’88’ tattooed, which stands for Heil Hitler.

The man had a 88 a a eagle tattooed. Image for illustration purposes.

Olivier B. was more than 25 in service with the carrier. All those years, he functioned flawless, but in recent months he was summarily dismissed.

During one of the heat waves of this summer, appeared with Olivier in a pair of shorts and shirt at a staff party. Colleagues were their eyes kept from the distinctive tattoos of Olivier. On his arm is ’88’ illustrated, for Heil Hitler. He also has an eagle on his arm. Colleagues took photos of the ’decals’ of Olivier, then at the office of their employer would end up.

“This is total not with our values. In addition, the characters are punishable by the law on denial,” says An Van Hamme of STIB against The Newspaper.

Or the guy in addition to his resignation, a criminal risk, is unclear. As Olivier criminal prosecution, there is the risk he has a prison sentence of up to one year.

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