Brothers Coppens are ondergoedmodel

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The sixth season of The Body of Coppens start with a thorough renovation. Not the program, but of the body of Coppens itself: the body of Staff, and Mathias. The brothers asked themselves the summer off, or they -if they have enough exercise and their eating to watch – so many muscles and a six pack can grow to onderbroekenmodel to be! To set the bar immediately high, they gave themselves just two months time to attain that goal. And the results are: after two month seem to be the bodies of Staff and Mathias in nothing more on what they were. A result where they worked hard to have worked and also be particularly proud of. Ultimately draws HEMA them for the shoot and a folder: their cathedral of a body is from Wednesday 29 August to admire in the folder of HEMA. Also in the shops themselves, they are in the large, in their almost nude.

Staff and Mathias began their ‘renovation’ not only, but got the professional guidance of o.a. professor Hespel of ku Leuven, a dietician Marlies Huysentruyt and sports coaches Jan, Thys and Jonathan. They helped the brothers to change from ham to hunk. Dry sausage, a serving of mixed, the Duveltjes: it was long taboo. Two month long, there was only soup, rice and chicken and very, very, very, very, very lot of training. After a particularly intense and difficult weeks crawled the command that they themselves had trained not only in life and limb, but also in the head. Both Staff and Mathias were two month long with nothing else to think what they were allowed to eat and what not. Really happy you are not.

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