British want after Brexit way not to lose and to study own device

5049cd52ea3b489e09e167bbe9786606 - British want after Brexit way not to lose and to study own device

Great Britain is about 100 million euro to devote to the possibilities for a British alternative to the European satellite navigation system Galileo to study. That has prime minister Theresa May on Wednesday declared during a tour in Africa. After the Brexit threat of the British, after all, their access to Galileo to lose.

‘Unless we are sure that we can closely cooperate in the future, ( … ), will Britain of his support for Galileo to withdraw, and a private sovereign satellite navigation system to pursue’, as was May quoted in British media as Sky News and The Guardian. “And this is no empty threat to our onderhandelingsdoelstellingen”, she added added.

The British government will in the first instance, 92 million pounds to invest in a study that should reveal the extent to which an alternative for Galileo feasible. The money comes from the fund of three billion pounds that London has established to to prepare the land for the Brexit from the end of march next year.

Britain wants after the Brexit prefer to continue to be involved in Galileo, but the European Union wants the British no longer have access to contracts and confidential information. As a third country would Britain still be able to rely on the free services of the European satellite navigation system, such as the localization of people in need. That is sufficient for the British.

Galileo is a miljardenproject that the European Union is to be independent of other systems, such as the American gps. The European system, that is more accurate than gps, provides one and a half years of services. By 2021 it would be fully operational.

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