British and French fishing boats have arguments to scallops

British and French fishermen on Tuesday on the high seas on the way down with each other in a persistent conflict over the catch of scallops.

The crew of the French fishing boat have their British colleagues, including more bombarded with stones and smoke bombs. The French fishermen did also maneuvers that dangerous situations could lead, report British media.

The quarrel occurred in the Seinebaai, about 12 nautical miles (22 km) off the coast of Normandy. The British fishing boats have the right to be in that area scallops to catch. But that is not the meaning of the French fishermen, who complain that their stock looted. It is the French fishermen a thorn in the eye that is between may and October, no scallops may catch, while that prohibition is not for the British.

Dimitri Rogoff, the president of the regional committee of Normandy fishermen, says that about forty French fishing boats the sea has risen in protest against the British practice. ‘The French have made contact with the British, to get them to stop their work to do. There were stones thrown, but no one was injured’. Three ships have sustained damage.

Also the French maritime prefecture, which is a ship on the spot had sent, say that no one was injured in the incident, in which an estimated 35 French and 5 British boats were involved.

The conflict has been about fifteen years. But the past years were always appointments to be made in order to avoid the incidents came. This year there was no agreement found.

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