Bob Savenberg is the manager of Andy Peelman

e7531e76e5dcb0e5eea02618fa42d9b0 - Bob Savenberg is the manager of Andy Peelman

The bullet is through the church: From september 1, care of House or Entertainment management and general career guidance of Andy Peelman (The Buurtpolitie). Brand new Managing Director, Bob Savenberg, within the company the role as manager of Andy recording. “I had sworn to not a manager to take, but the chats with Bob, his enthusiasm and that of the entire House or Entertainment team, convinced me to pursue,” says Andy Peelman. In addition to his participation in the 10th season of ‘True Stories: The Buurtpolitie’, Andy also appeared on VTMKZOOM and he is working in silence on a new program for vtm.

Bob Savenberg, managing director of House of Entertainment: “Andy is a very hard worker. He is sympathetic, versatile, and for me that is the most important – he thinks in the long term, a major reason why I love to be with him wants to work. The people have made him happy. He is close to his audience and that we love, but in the meantime we will look together for new opportunities: As an actor, presenter or Brand Ambassador are there for him a lot of chances.”

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