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Also Tom Lanoye opposes Mia Doornaert

d174df007740a684d3b5793146f2cf13 - Also Tom Lanoye opposes Mia Doornaert

Tom Lanoye has serious concerns with the nomination of Mia Doornaert to the president of the Flemish Literature Fund. Both because the correct procedure was not followed, if for substantive reasons.

Strictly speaking, Mia Doornaert has not yet appointed the chairman of the Flemish Fund for the Arts. That appointment the full board of directors, and that board is not yet fully compiled. That would be on Saturday, september 1 happen. But the appointment is a formalitiet because Doornaert is nominated by the Flemish government and has the full support of the government. Even more: the Flemish government has literally written down in its implementing order that Doornaert chairman.

Exactly against that state of affairs fumes Tom Lanoye in the Knack. “The Flemish government bombards Mia Doornaert to the president as the Americans introduced democracy in Afghanistan: through in advance the winner of a free election.’

Lanoye also has substantive concerns. He doubts whether Doornaert the Dutch literature enough to know. And whether or not they have a network in the book trade. ‘She has expertise or experience as it is about the radical evolution from print to digital?’

The author goes even further in Knack. “Will Mia-the-president are able to arrange themselves in a neutral, representative role? Or will she be the fund to use as a trampoline of her often islamophobic vapeurs?’

Previously also had the author Bleri Lleshi reservations about the appointment of Doornaert. When they the author then ‘a marginal man’ mentioned in an interview with Knack, got Doornaert also sharp criticism of the signings from top authors Stefan Hertmans and Jeroen Olyslaegers.

Doornaert gave to now that they are not in the man was allowed to play.

Minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD) responded already on the appointment and on the criticism. He suggested that a number of writers very cramped reacts to the appointment of Mia Doornaert. ‘The one time it is someone with a progressive profile, the other time someone with a conservative profile,” he said.

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