Again topmedewerker away from White House

5884c8b35ac3b5f332583c40764c4336 - Again topmedewerker away from White House

WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump will bid farewell to a close associate. He writes on Twitter that the legal adviser of the White House, Don McGahn, the autumn leaves.

Don McGahn

McGahn was previously the legal advisor of the campaign team of Trump. He got after the election to a post in the White House. There sat the lawyer is not always in line with the president. McGahn threatened according to The New York Times to resign when Trump last year, special prosecutor Robert Mueller wanted to dismiss. Trump scrambled back eventually, said insiders at the newspaper.

McGahn cleans up now as the field. That happens according to Trump after the Senate has voted on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the supreme court. ,,I have been with Don, worked with and cherish sincere appreciation for his services,” said the president on Twitter.

The lawyer was the team of Mueller the last time repeatedly to word. The special prosecutor examines, or figures within the Trump campaign have conspired with Russia to influence elections. Trump has always denied.

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