Woman face beaten in Paris: suspect arrested

a1662e7b6588c03a41d2bd1d12f6523c - Woman face beaten in Paris: suspect arrested

A man suspected of a young woman in July a blow to have administered in Paris, Monday arrested and is in custody.

The young woman got the images from the surveillance cameras to address and put that on Facebook. They filed a complaint with the police, and the public prosecutor of Paris opened an investigation.

The incident on the terrace of a café in the French capital, occurred on 24 July. The 22-year-old Marie Laguerre was confronted with a passer-by that obscene noises and comments made. The students ministered to him of answer, to which they are a slap in the face.


Laguerre, launched in the aftermath of the facts, an online platform for testimonies gathering of women who are victims of sexual harassment. Also politics was not behind. France will be much stricter action against sexual harassment on the street. Who is it sin, on the spot a fine of up to 750 euros up.

‘Street harassment was not previously punished, “said minister of Gender equality Marlène Schiappa,” and exactly that will now change. According to the new law is sex between an adult and someone of fifteen or younger is also considered rape if the young person is not in a state is deemed to have given permission.

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