Who does not want to hear will feel in 13 Commandments on tv

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The exciting thrillerreeks ‘13 Commandments’ takes the viewer in a world that is far less of society than we suspect. An increasingly popular seriedader, nicknamed ‘Moses’, will take us on a brutal, albeit unauthorised way, to hold up a mirror and challenge that some of the values and standards are becoming increasingly blurred, or simply disappear. Thou shalt not kill, not lie, not commit adultery, your parents honor,… the 10 commandments have serious power and meaning today. And though the seriedader a point that some of those values, which eroded in these modern times where people are trying to survive in a world that is getting faster and faster seems to be turning… even then, it is impossible not to submit to his violent reaction to the alleged ethical slide set.

But what if ‘Moses’ crystal clear can prove that someone who has a seemingly normal life, leads in reality an active pedophile? And what if that revealing a full-blown, medieval witch hunt unleashes and the popularity of the seriedader an unprecedented height reached?

Dirk Van Dijck plays Peter Devriendt:
Chief inspector at Federal judicial police
Peter Devriendt comes after a year of sick – burn-out – and a 30-year career, one year before he retired. His personal life is a mess and not only must he now, more or less accidental, the investigation into the seriedader lead, also, he gets an unexpected partner. Nevertheless,] he is stuck in the case like he has in the past lost years, as well as in a jerk his whole career, that way you can make amends. Already, he finds that in his last big assignment for him, no lines more in which he must colors.

Marie Vinck plays Vicky Degraeve:
Inspector at Federal judicial police
Vicky Degraeve was agent at the POSA (protection-observation-support-arrest-team). After a car accident a year ago, she has a Spartan rehabilitation through but that is not sufficient to meet the very high physical demands of the special. Vicky keeps the honor to himself and decides to become an Inspector in the Federal judicial police, the new partner of Peter Devriendt. She is, however, not only physically, but also mentally battered. Vicky sat himself behind the wheel and her mother is still in a coma.

Karlijn Sileghem plays Liesbet Dujardin:
Director at Federal judicial police
The career of Liesbet Dujardin has a steep ascent is made in the mannenbastion of the Federal police because they are proficient, self-confident, and vain. Qualities that heavy be put to the test as the seriedader increasingly unpredictable strikes and elusive seems to be.

Bert Haelvoet plays Simon Roelandts:
Inspector at Federal judicial police
Simon is an inspector pur sang: ambitious but without up to like, he keeps too much of the field work,… His straightforward style is very much with Peter, to whom he looks up to and with whom he long time worked. He is now however, to his great annoyance, burdened with an inept partner, Marnix.

Tom Ternest plays Marnix Santermans:
Inspector at Federal judicial police
Marnix is new in the corps but he is social and what is inappropriate and seems to be the necessary intuition to miss it for a good flik. His physical and mental clumsiness made him an easy victim of ridicule and he is also, especially by Simon, not seriously taken up, he becomes a tragic figure.

Katelijne Verbeke plays Chantal Theunissen:
Ex-wife of Peter
Chantal seems to be the recent separation, better handling than Peter. She has lived recently with her new friend and trying desperately from her new, but undeniably duller life, the control of their – in her eyes gone wild – daughter to retain. She finds that Peter is far too lax and do not leave it after him to speak.

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