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Where can I pay with Bitcoin?

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Where can I pay with Bitcoin ?

Here, you will learn how you will find Spendabit Bitcoin acceptance.

To open, first of all, you spendabit the

Then enter the product you want to purchase with Bitcoins, in this case, a Computer.

Now, click on “Search” and your article will be searched.

A list with providers of your article

Now, you will see numerous Shops to accept also Bitcoin as payment for your Good. Alternatively, you can use the filters on the left of the price, the Region and the provider.

The Region has been changed and you can see the prices in €.

Now you can see the provider of their Region and the goods in Euro prices. By clicking on the goods you will be redirected directly to the Homepage of the provider.

Now you are on the side of the Computer provider.

Now you can surf freely on the website of the provider, and between the products select.

The company TenX is currently working on a map with the it will be possible to buy with crypto currencies in everyday life in which one is charging the card with crypto-currencies and the amount at the exchange rate of the crypto-currencies are deducted.

By the way, many organisations, such as Wikipedia also accept donations in the Form of Bitcoin.

If you’re still new, and this article is interesting to find that, look at 5 Key rules for “crypto-newbies”.

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