Trump calls Googles search results about him ‘manipulated’

101ad14cf75a97315a0867a019174a08 - Trump calls Googles search results about him ‘manipulated’

Donald Trump is unhappy with the internet search engine Google. ‘Search results for “Trump News” only the opinions/policies of Fake New Media’, he says.

Trump goes even further: ‘in other words: they have the results manipulated.’ According to the Us president be Republican/conservative and ‘fair’ media stilgezwegen.

It seems that the president is shocked when he for news about himself searched through Google. ‘96 percent of the results about “Trump News” of national left-wing media. Very dangerous,” he says.

“Google and other suppress the votes of conservatives, and to hide information and news that are good. They control what we can and cannot see. This is a serious situation. This is addressed.’

Earlier this month suggested Trump all that social media has given voices to ignore. Also when he said that he would not allow that to happen. ‘They will pick up the opinions of many people from the RIGHT, while at the same time nothing to do with the other, ” she said. ‘Censorship is a very dangerous thing and it is absolutely impossible to monitor and to exercise.’

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