The Class will start with second season

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Are young people waking up the global warming? What is the role of social media in their lives? How important are friends and family? How do they experience our diverse society? And what interpretation to give teens #metoo?

The start of the new school year means once again a solid season for The class. It is a class zestienjarigen surprised with an unusual lesson from an unexpected teacher. Eight well-known faces car a day in front of the class and go on their own, spontaneous way with the students in dialogue about topics that really matter. This time share Karolien Debecker, Dina Tersago, Adil El Arbi, Wim Lybaert, Staff, and Mathias Coppens, Jani Kazaltzis, Goedele Liekens and Sven De Leijer lessons from their lives with the teenagers.

The class takes a look at the lives of the new generation, with surprising opinions, sincere emotions, and unforeseen twists and turns.

Teachers for a day
Also for this second season to take 8 brave BV’s the test to their pupils an interesting school day to deliver. For their lesonderwerp draw them from their own experiences and topics that are important to them. They talk about insights and certain beliefs, about love and suffering. That basis makes for heady life lessons with a lot of attention for the perception and the opinion of the young people, away from the model of a classical type of teaching.

Dina Tersago (episode 1)
Dina gives the young people a lesson about beauty. Himself set them as a teenager quite a lot of press. Participate in Miss Belgium taught her that relaxed yourself often to something more beautiful. She shows her class that not everything is always perfect.

Adil El Arbi (episode 2)
The young Adil was a diligent student of Latin and mathematics, which did not fit the tough image of his peers, or ‘bastards’. Yet was he also the impact of the negative image about immigrants. He goes with the young people in conversation about how they image, prejudice and discrimination can be overcome.

Jani Kazaltzis (episode 3)
‘Fight for your own dreams, give Jani the classroom. To be who he wanted to be, had Jack ever truly rebel. He asks the young people what freedoms they find important for their self-development. How they show their uniqueness to the outside world?
Jani Kazaltzis:
“I think it is paramount to be rebellious in life because then you cannot lie to yourself.”

Wim Lybaert (episode 4)
Epicurean Wim Lybaert wonders whether our Western habits of consumption have to reconcile with a liveable planet. What are the concrete causes and consequences of global warming? Are the young people from his class there awake? And more important: are they willing to change their lifestyle to adapt?
Wim Lybaert :
“Of course, it is not a pleasant message:” Yes boys, about 20 years of going to Ostend under water.’ But I’m going to try to get it to reverse, there is a solution…”

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