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South Korean TV station plans Blockchain-Survival Show

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The Blockchain technology is gaining more and more popularity in the Mainstream. She is also the phenomenon of the “Battle of the Shows” à la “Germany’s Next Topmodel” and “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. A South Korean TV station is now planning a Blockchain-Survival Show, in which a Jury is to jointly elect with the audience the best Blockchain project.

The South Korean TV channel Asia Economy TV plans on 19. October transferred to a new Blockchain-TV-Show with the title “block battle – Who is the Next Satoshi”. In five episodes, various crypto projects will be shown from around the world. The viewers will vote in real time who presents the most promising Blockchain project.

In search of the next Satoshi

At the beginning of the Show ten developer Teams Blockchain project. They are supervised by national and international experts from the fields of technology, Economics, law, Marketing, and Finance. Then, a Jury will evaluate their projects. The members of the Jury come from the Korea University, Dongguk University, Korean Blockchain Industry Association, the Open Blockchain Association and the Korea Blockchain Association. You will be assisted by Damian Williams of Alchemist Ventures, Rayol Hwang, hill, stone’s partner, Roger Ver of Lee Shin-Hye of GBIC and other well-known personalities from the industry.

But the audience should be involved in the decision. You can vote after the show for your favorite project.

“After the screening, ten projects to qualify for the final. You will fight a series of presentations, individual and other team attend competitions“,

block battle explains the principle of the Blockchain-Survival Show.

From the 19th century. October will be broadcast in a broadcast on the Asia Economy TV. The transmitter can be received in South Korea, China, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. But also non-Asian viewers can follow the battle for the title of “Next Satoshi”. So the Blockchain-Survival Show is also broadcast live on the YouTube channel “Coincast”.

The final on the 19. November

The Finale of the Blockchain-Survival Show is for the 19. November recognized. Teams of developers can 5 to. September apply for participation.

“Block battle – Who is the Next Satoshi” is not the first Mainstream show, which is devoted to a crypto-theme. So it starts on the 27th. August, the CNBC documentary “Bitcoin: Boom or Bust”. In the 2016 broadcast of the Japanese show “Bitgirls” represented seven young women in a crypto-currency. The viewers were able to vote for your favorite “Bitgirl”, by acquiring the respective Cryptocurrency.

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