‘Sexually frustrated dolphin provides for a ban on swimming

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The mayor of the municipality of Landévennec, in the French region of Brittany, had a ban on swimming chief executive on the local beaches. He did it for the bathers to protect against a sexually frustrated dolphin, which in the meantime wegzwom.

The dolphin , nicknamed Zafar got popped a few months ago for the first time in the bay of Brest. The animal was an immediate attraction. He amused the tourists and swam with the boats.

Sexual arousal

But a few weeks ago changed his behaviour. He began coming to the beach to swim and tried himself against them, to rubbing. Clearly in a state of sexual excitement.

Because he also some of the swimmers prevented had to return to the beach and a woman in the water had pushed them so that they through the air flew, had the mayor of Landévennec Monday decided to intervene. He suggested a swim and duikverbod in when the dolphin is near. Zafar swam Monday away from the bay, which makes the ban was lifted.

‘Wild animals’

Dolphins show sometimes sexual behavior to other species, including people.

Experts warn that the dolphins, despite their friendly and playful nature, still wild animals. They can also people injure themselves, especially if they feel threatened.

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