Russia mobilizes over 300,000 soldiers for exercise: ‘Justified’

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The Russian army does next month, the largest military exercise since the end of the Soviet Union. The exercise, which China also participates, is a matter of especially Japan ensure.

Between 11 and 15 september will be in the centre and the east of Russia almost 300.00 soldiers, more than 1,000 military aircraft, two fleets of the navy and all the air units of the Russian army participate in ‘Vostok-2018’ (East-2018). Military units from China and Mongolia take part in the military exercise.

According to the Russian Defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, to the largest military maneuvers since ‘Zapad-81’ (West-81), that the Soviet Union was organized in 1981. “There will be parts of that exercise to be repeated, but on a larger scale.”

Asked whether it is justified in the current economic circumstances to spend so much money on military exercises, called Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov maneuvers ‘essential’. “The current international situation, which is often aggressive and hostile towards our country, that they are justified.’

Japan worried

A country that is already not thrilled about the Russian plans, it is Japan. The ally of the United States complained earlier about an extension of the Russian military presence in the Far East. According to Moscow, is that a comment on the Japanese installation of the American missile defence system.

Also the cooperation of the Russians with the Chinese army will not in Japan phrases. Within the Japanese ministry of Foreign Affairs had already told Tokyo the changes in the Russian-Chinese military cooperation closely in the holes. It is not the first time that China participate in the Russian military exercises, but that never happened on such a large scale.

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