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Mt.Gox: a New System for the compensation audit

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Mt.Gox sets up a System that allows customers of their lost Assets back. Users can fill out on the website a form that allows you to request for the lost Assets.

The crypto-Mt exchange.Gox was already in the year of 2014 problems. An unknown person had stolen the sum of 850,000 Bitcoin. The result: The company had to file for bankruptcy. Mark Karpeles, CEO of Mt.Gox, was under suspicion, to have the crypto-currencies themselves stolen. At least it was one of the first major breaches of Confidence, raising questions on the security of the exchanges. Finally had to answer for Mark Karpeles to court and then to jail.

In April of this year it came to disposal of larger quantities of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. Here, considerable doubts arose, what are the intentions hidden behind the sale. Now, however, a good four years after the first incident, according to Mt.Gox back to word. Accordingly, the exchange has set up on its Website a possibility, to the users for the recovery of your lost Assets can sign up:

“We hereby announce our […] Online Rehabilitation Claim System on the Mt.Gox’s website, which users of Mt.Gox entitled to, among other things, to have their compensation claims […] check. We also start to accept compensation claims offline – for users who are not able to make their claims online via the System claim.“

The current approach is a response to the order of the Tokyo District Court from 22. June 2018. Accordingly, the court ordered the stock exchange to examine the claims of (former) clients on compensation claims. For more information, comprises Mt.Gox, its customers to check the Website on a regular basis.

Here, there is the possibility to request compensation for damages. At this address you can check after entering your user name and password in his Wallet.

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