Micha Marah wants to acting

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Tuesday, in the latest episode of “Plage Préférée” on Radio 2, was a singer Micha Marah is a guest at Kim Debrie. On the occasion of the conversation was her involvement in Music Show Scotland, is a grand indoorpipeshow on 17 november at the Antwerp Sportpaleis. Micah will be in this large-scale spektakelshow some Scottish classics sing.

In the conversation was also mentioned that Micha Marah next month, 65 years of age. When Kim Micah asked what she wanted to do in her career, didn’t have to think long. “Acting. I would like to be part of a theatre production and directed by a good director. A large part of my career I was manager of others, but now it wants me to agree to be led.” Micah’s favorite character? “That may be anything, but a bitch I would know.”

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