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Manager Stoffel Vandoorne: “100% sure that Stoffel next year F1 drive”

d43076d2ffa8c45e3d861ef43c1815b6 - Manager Stoffel Vandoorne: "100% sure that Stoffel next year F1 drive"

The manager of Stoffel Vandoorne has confidence and is one hundred percent sure that our fellow countryman also the next year in the Formula 1, to admire.

It was abuzz with rumors that Vandoorne even the season would not be perfect at McLaren, but McLaren team boss Gil de Ferran crowds that rumors are heading in to make it clear that the seat of Vandoorne this year are no longer in danger.

The biggest question remains, however, what 2019 will bring. Stoffel has eight weekends, the time to the viewer to race with a car that per GP a piece the worse it seems to be. It is not easy for his bosses to convince, let alone a new employer.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, the manager of Vandoorne, is calling for calm because of the numerous rumors of the past weekend are not a reflection of the reality.

“Stoffel is currently McLaren driver and that he will certainly still have until the end of the season,” said the Italian in an interview with the RTBF. “There are a lot of riders with different teams to talk to their opportunities to explore. The same is also for our case.”

“We want that Stoffel is a good car and that he can concentrate on his work. I watch all the options but McLaren remains a priority for us. If, however, show that this is not the good option for next year we will other opportunities need to look at for Stoffel.”

“He is an extremely professional guy who is good with the press. He is calm but that is not to say that he is not aggressive, I give him a hundred percent chance next year in the F1 to work,” says Alunni Bravi.

“I can’t guarantee but Stoffel is still one of the youngest riders in the field, and that is something both McLaren as the other teams are aware of it,” concluded the Italian.

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