Leen Dendievel: he was 27, I was 13

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“Fame is a frakske that I never wanted to attract.” The word is Leen Dendievel, also known as ‘Kaat from Home’. Tonight she is a guest in The Zomert With…

Leen grew up in the West-Flemish Kooigem. “I was a real ‘knechtebrakke’ like they do in the West-Flemish say: a jongensmeisje. I come from a working class family. My mother is a cleaning lady, my father metser and my brother gardener. I have very much respect for people who use their hands to work, that is not to be underestimated.” Leen made its own future through hard work, among others, as a postman. They will teach Bruno the secrets of the craft.

“You have your dreams to pursue,” she says passionately. “I think that’s important. I have audition need to do in order to get inside, and then I worked to be able to study.” For theatre-goers is do not Borrow foreign, but since they play the role of transgender Kaat played in is at Home, her fame, the height in the shot. “Fame is a frakske that I never wanted to attract,” she says. “I wanted recognition so people knew who Leen Dendievel was; and that I am a role could have. I once auditioned had they said: ‘Well, but not well enough known. That I didn’t want to live to see.’”

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