‘Lawyer asks for release Jos B.’

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The lawyer Jos B., the suspect of the murder of Nicky Verstappen (11), would the judge have asked for his client on his own power to the Netherlands to travel. Writes that ‘The Observer’. B. is anyway only be extradited if the Dutch agents who guide, arrived.

Iñigo Cobo Martínez was Jos B. (55) via a video link from Madrid in the extradition proceedings, after the Dutchman Sunday afternoon, was arrested at about 50 km from Barcelona. B. does not oppose his extradition.

B. himself was sitting in an ordinary prison in Barcelona, and his rights be respected, according to Martínez. He would have to ‘De Limburger’ veklaard that the suspect is ‘behaving normally for someone who is in custody is’. Therefore, it would be Martinez also to the court, asked to have his client free. B. would then on their own to the Netherlands to travel. The court would request, however, refused.

According to Martínez is the term for the transfer of a suspect within ten days. That deadline would be Tuesday effective. Anyway, it is waiting on Dutch agents, because they must B. accompany the flight from Spain to the Netherlands, says Martinez opposite RTLNieuws.

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