Jonas Van Geel woke up with heart palpitations

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Jonas Van Geel is back from never really went away. Ok, on tv-just, he was just a little less often to see, but he was active in the theatre, and how still. Jonas is a man of many talents because he is an actor, singer, presenter, and also the love of Evelien Bosmans. The 33-year-old actor plays this autumn, one of the leading roles in 40-45 of Studio 100 and he looks huge. The rest of his year will be full, because the number of performances, in which he together with Jelle Cleymans one of the leading roles plays is almost impossible to count. Starting from next week Saturday is Jonas Van Geel yellow back on tv, and in the program “What a year”, a program that VTM describes as 50% quiz, 50% game and 100% nostalgia, and show:. Host Koen Wauters returns to teamcaptains Nathalie Meskens and Jonas Van Geel and a host of guests back to a year that they are consciously experienced. The news, the music, the sports, the outfits, the sets, the most memorable images: everything immerses them – literally – from head to toe in ‘their’ year. Koen, Nathalie Meskens and Jonas Van Geel live on the buttons of this unpredictable teletijdsquiz.

Jonas has a lot of meaning to fully fling but that was the last year on tv-just like anything else. That he tells this week in Humo. “There is a réden why I the past year very quietly I held on televisievlak. When the second season of ‘Jonas & Yellow ” on his end, I felt to myself that I don’t like it any more thought. I was awake at night with heart palpitations. I was also afraid that everyone me a nasty monkey would find.” So it was decided Jonas was the something quieter to do, he tells this week in Humo. “In consultation with VTM, I what gas is reversed. That must be occasionally, especially if you are supposed to do that to you every day of the clown, there’s a way. If I hadn’t done that, I was on a very hollow clown.”

WHAT A YEAR VTM, Saturday 8 september, 20.30

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