Japanese government thickness figures for disabled officials to own quota to get

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The Japanese government last year, massively cheating with figures on the number of disabled persons that is recruited to its own legally defined quotas. Thousands of officials were for years wrongly counted as an invalid, gives to the government now.

The Japanese government has officially launched its apology. Thousands of civil servants in the 27 ministries last year wrongly counted in the invaliditeitsstatistieken of the government, to the own quota. It was, for example, employees with diabetes.

“We apologize sincerely for something that should not have been done by the government, who has the responsibility for people with disabilities, certain and stable work to offer,” said government spokesman Yoshihide Suga on Tuesday at a press conference. He also announced that a working group of the ministry of Work now, will investigate how the figures are exaggerated. Local authorities will be encouraged to do the same.

According to the quota, which last year entered must be 2.3 percent of all enlisted servicemembers in Japan are disabled. The statistics were at 2,49 percent, but after a thorough audit revealed that in reality the number is only about 1.2 percent overall. Japan wants the quota this year pick up, said the spokesperson, ” but if that proves difficult, we will develop a plan to achieve the target next year.”

The Japanese minister of Internal Affairs Seiko Noda responded already incensed at the news. Several highranking people within her ministry gifts at the beginning of this month that the figures were manipulated. Noda himself has a disabled son.

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