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IOTA: price rally, according to Fujitsu-Endorsement and Wallet Release

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Three good news the rate of MIOTA Token at the weekend. The publication of the Trinity Desktop Wallet, the announcement of Fujitsu to implement IOTA, as well as the Release of CarPass, in cooperation with Volkswagen. Currently the Altcoin recorded a daily increase of around 15 percent. However, even a rotten Egg amongst the Good News.

The IOTA Foundation has already unveiled numerous collaborations with well-known large corporations, is in the crypto-space is well known. So it was no secret that companies such as Volkswagen, Audi and Fujitsu to build its future on the Blockchain technology and the IOTA Protocol to operate. Nevertheless, the has can the course of the MIOTA Token in the last few weeks, not drastic loss keep.

During this, on 5. August was just under 0.95 U.S. dollars, had to leave the course in the next two weeks, as most of its Altcoin counterparts, springs. Since the year’s low on March 14. August (0,4037 USD) had a nibble of MIOTA to 0.50-US-Dollar-brand. At the weekend, the provisional liberation came. After the release of the Desktop Version of the Trinity-Wallet and the announcement by Fujitsu, the IOTA Protocol to the industry standard, sprinted to the MIOTA course of the night to 27. August to about $ 0.61.

“Fujitsu is well prepared to IOTA as a new Protocol standard, as we are experts in IT Services and the manufacturing of IT-products”,

it is in a recently, Fujitsu released the Flyer.

Accordingly, IOTA is to be in the future, the Protocol of choice for the Audits of the production processes at Fujitsu. A fully functional Beta Version of the Wallet and the preliminary knight’s blow to the industry standard by Fujitsu – the smells of growing adaptation. And investors noisy.

Price increase, despite the age of the “News”

This makes since 26. August (again) the message, the round that in the spring of 2019, a joint project with car manufacturer Volkswagen to be launched. Appropriate posted on the IOTA News on Twitter. In the Tweet linked to an article, in which a lecture of the chief of the Blockchain Department at VW, Benjamin Sinram, was summarized at a conference in Tel Aviv. In addition to other pilot projects Sinram spoke from the Release of the CarPass. This is a kind of stored decentralized, “auto identity”, which should provide for more transparency when buying a used car. The IOTA News shared article, however, is already almost two months old. However, before someone calls “market manipulation!”, one must point out that the Twitter Channel @iotatokennews is an unofficial Account and not to be confused with @iotatoken, the official channel of the IOTA Foundation. There, the message has not been shared.

That has not prevented the supposedly new message, of course, to make their rounds through various crypto-news portals. However, The Desktop Beta of the Trinity-Wallet and the Endorsement by Fujitsu are reasons enough, in order for the course to be exempted at least from the Vale of tears in the past two weeks.

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