French minister Nicolas Hulot steps on

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The French minister of Ecological Transition-Nicolas Hulot gets from the government. That he has Tuesday morning announced on radio France inter.

Hulot felt within the government is not supported on environmental policy. Earlier the minister said in Le Parisien that he was only within a five-year holiday will take, at the end of the mandate of Macron.


‘Hulot is very convinced when it comes to the fight for the climate. The problem is that all negotiations and arbitrations lose. That ontgoochelt us enormously, ” said French Green Mep Michèle Rivasi. Also Brigitte Bardot was not nice for Hulot. She called him a ‘schijtbroek’ and ‘a coward first class to nothing should’. After the fierce criticism of his policies said Hulot, after the summer to want to weigh what he has meant. Now he gets so on.

President Emmanuel Macron lose with Hulot one of its most popular members of the government. Hulot was to the public at large in France known as the host of the nature channel one day Ushuaïa on television. In 1990, he founded the Fondaton Ushuaïa on, that five years later, his own name would come to bear. President Macron could convince him to be minister in the government of prime minister Edouard Philippe.

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